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Sharktooth Longneck Pro D

Sharktooth Longneck Pro D
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The Brooks-Range LongNeckPro Backcountry Shovel™ is the choice of professionals worldwide. The Sharktooth™ leading edge of the blade, an aggressive serration, makes short work of the toughest ice and stubborn hard pack snow and is only available on Brooks-Range shovels.

With the longest shaft of any shovel designed for backcountry use, it telescopes to more than a full meter (45" or 114 cm) and shrinks to 36 inches (91cm) when you need it short for digging in tight spaces. The Pro blade's 10.5 x 10 inch scoop is made of premium tempered aluminum for strength and durability. Deadman holes allow for use as an emergency anchor. The shovel shafts can double as stretcher bars with Brooks-Range Mountaineering Rescue Sled™.

Shovel Dimensions: T-Handle
Length (collapsed): 31¾"
(80.64 cm)
(90.s cm)
Length (extended): 40¾"
(103.5 cm)
(113.3 cm)
Weight: 29.4 oz.
(833.5 g)
31.4 oz.
(890.2 g)


• Material: Heat treated Aluminum

  Note: Colors shown may not accurately reflect actual color due to variations in web browsers, displays, and/or the anodizing process.

Sharktooth Longneck Pro dimensions


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Shovel shaft pieces double for use as stretcher bars with Brooks-Range Mountaineering Rescue Sled™

The combination of the Sled Tarp with the Sharktooth Shovel creates an ultra-lightweight Emergency Sled system weighing less than 2 pounds (0.91 kilograms)

Customer Reviews

  • Author: Craig Dostie
    In any field, what separates the amateurs from the pros is the knowledge gained from experience. Part of the mark of each is the tools of the trade. In the avalanche forecasting business, that means carrying more than a shovel and probe, and it also means, where possible, carrying the best available tool.

    For instance, any shovel is better than none, but all shovels are not created equal. Genswein’s report on shovels last year in The Avalanche Review (see TAR 27-3 & 27-4) embarrassed most manufacturers, but neglected my favorite. Living in a house that sheds Sierra cement onto the walkways means I’m constantly forced to chop ice in the winter. The Brooks-Range Sharktooth™ Pro Longneck Shovel is the only avalanche shovel I’ve ever used that has survived a complete season of this sort of abuse, including chopping ice off a metal grate (repeatedly). The teeth on the leading edge are a bit worn, but the blade is as solid as ever, and the extra-long telescoping handle not only saves your back, but lets you pile more force into every chop and throw each scoop further.

    The Avalanche Review, December 2009

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