Care & Storage

Normal outdoor activities, climbing, ski mountaineering, skiing, backcountry travel, and rescue work are dirty. You must keep all of your equipment clean and well maintained. Treat our fabric products with the same exact care you would use with your climbing ropes. Store our products in a clean, dry environment, out of direct sunlight. Make sure to dry before storing. Keep our products away from heat sources and donít allow them to contact corrosives such as battery acid or solvents. Never store our products in a folded or stowed position for long periods of time Ė this is especially important in warm, humid areas.


Wash your Brooks-Range products with warm water and mild soap such as White King Flakes® or equivalent. NO BLEACH. Drip dry out of direct sunlight until fully dry.


Professional Cleaning

Rainey Pass, Inc.
4415 Stone Way North • Seattle, WA  98103
Phone: 888-747-7867

If you prefer, particularly with down products, Rainy Pass, Inc. can wash (for a reasonable fee) your Brooks Range down products. Please download and include our Warranty/Repair Form with your package.


Replacement and Retirement

Retire and replace your Brooks-Range product if the fabric, buckles, straps or any part of the product is damaged, frayed, cut, torn, bent, cracked, burnt, melted, faded from exposure to ultraviolet light or the bar tacks of fabric products are showing wear. No product or piece of gear lives forever. If you canít have your Brooks-Range product repaired, retire it. Anytime you retire a piece of gear or product, destroy it to prevent future use.


Adopting Equipment

Brooks-Range Mountaineering Equipment Co. strongly discourages secondhand use. Because you should always know the history of your gear, buying used products or equipment is just plain risky. You canít trust products, information therein, or equipment with an unknown or out-of-date past.

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