For serious non-snow excursions.

Backcountry Trekker Pro Toolkit

Backcountry Trekker Pro Toolkit

This convenient package includes all the best tools for your backcountry information needs:

• All-in-One™ Map Tool Pro
• Field Organizer
• SOS Card/Helicopter Landing Zone Card
• All-in-One™ Emergency Lat/Long Ruler
• Field Book #311

Customer Reviews

  • Author: Gary Clawson
    The Field Organizer has Excellent construction and ease of use. Its overall usefulness is Excellent.

    It is a good value.

    I suggest the compass pocket be secured.

    Gary Clawson
    Caldwell, Idaho

  • Author: Carrie
    Dear sir,

    I am from China, just wondering how many pages in field book #311?

    Thank you for your attention and look forward to hearing from you sonest.

    Best regards,


  • Author: Brad Christensen
    This is an excellent product.

    I suggest that the compass pocket be secured.

    Brad Christensen
    Eastsound, Washington

  • Author: Paul Cotter
    I have used it for several months and I found the product to be very durable. The construction is excellent. It looks good and is easy to use. Overall, I am very satisfied with this item.

    I suggest that the compass pocket be secured and that more padding be added. Also, if there is a way to secure the bookmark so it does not get blown-off in the wind.

    Paul Cotter
    Breckenridge, Colorado

  • Author: Kiran Nimmagadda
    The construction of the field organizer as well as its usefulness is just excellent. It is a good value.

    I suggest that the pen holders be placed inside.

    Kiran Nimmagadda
    Valencia, California

  • Author: Jonathan Floyd
    I find it very useful. It is easy to use. Overall construction is good.

    Jonathan Floyd
    Summerville, Georgia

  • Author: Manch Garhart
    I find the product very useful. Product construction is excellent.

    I suggest that you add a cover card for guide cards so that it is easier to locate specific cards.

    Manch Garhart
    Anchorage, Alaska

  • Author: David Lucas
    I found it very easy to use. This is the kind of product that would be very useful in the field.

    I suggest you add the Lat/Long Ruler to the kit.

    David Lucas
    Hyde Park, NY

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