850-fill Down

Alpini 15 Sleeping Bag Regular

Alpini 15 Sleeping Bag Regular
Sleeping bag stuffed for storage

The Alpini 15° Sleeping Bag™ is built for those who plan to sleep outside where it's cold and colder. With a well insulated pad (our Alpini sleeping pad) it is easy to be warm in this bag, especially for those hardy souls who enjoy camping in the middle of winter (15° F, -9° C).

The secret to the warmth of our Alpini 15° sleeping bag is using offset baffles for maximum insulation efficiency with 850+ fill goose down sandwiched between lightweight Pertex Quantum® fabric. This allows the down to loft completely yet remain protected from the elements.

Key Features:

  • Halo Neck Collar - full wrap baffled collar connects to head gasket
  • Lightweight baffle netting for maximal loft & warmth
  • Baffled head gasket reduces heat loss and a better fit
  • Differential cut allow maximal loft
  • Cloak hood for full coverage without extra bulk
  • Baffled draft tube with zipper guard
  • Ergonomic footbox
  • Internal storage pocket
  • Large cotton storage sack
  • Rectangular shaped stuff sack stows in packs better

Down with Down
Nothing beats down for a comfortable, deep, luxurious sleep. This is as true at home as it is in the backcountry, where its lightweight and compressibility are infinitely more valuable. When every element of what you take in the backcountry matters, not only is down the insulation of choice, but the higher the fill power, the better the overall performance.

At Brooks-Range we use 850-fill down, it is super light, ultra compressible, and lofts up to provide a huge comfort range from cool nights on the beach to arctic nights under the aurora borealis.

Model Alpini 30° Alpini 15°
Size Normal Normal
Temp. Rating +30° F
-1° C
+15° F
-9° C
Fill Weight 11½ oz.
326 g
20½ oz.
581 g
Total Weight 23 oz.
653 g
32 oz.
908 g
Length 72"
183 cm
183 cm
Width (shoulder) 62"
157 cm
157 cm
Width (hip) 55"
139 cm
139 cm
Width (foot) 40"
101 cm
101 cm

Made in China.

Backpacker Magazine Fall/Winter 2011 Gear Guide
It packs down as small as a summer bag and weighs just two pounds, so testers greeted this mummy with skepticism: Few dared to take it to its 15°F limit. But the Alpini wowed the ones who did. “I stayed warm at its rating, and would trust it down to 5°F,” reports one tester who used it during a snow-cave campout at 10,000 feet in Colorado’s Park Range. The Alpini achieves its impressive warmth-to-weight ratio with 850-fill down sandwiched between ultralight, 15-denier Pertex Quantum fabric. Plus, offset baffles stagger the stitching on the outer and inner shell to prevent cold lines on the seams. The draft tube running along the full-length zipper uses two seams instead of one to create a fat U shape that effectively traps heat. The hood is “snug but not confining, so I warmed up fast without feeling stifled,” reports one tester, and the opening is trimmed with a down-filled tube (instead of an elastic band), which feels softer than elastic and helps further trap warmth. Durability is excellent; we dragged it over rocks and sharp tundra grass in Iceland’s Hornstrandir Nature Reserve, and the Alpini never snagged or lost a feather. Bonus: A tiny interior pocket holds lip balm. Caveat: Side-sleepers and big guys found the hyper-efficient cut a bit tight.

Review in Rock and Ice/ October 2012

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