Fits 130mm wide skis!

Heli Ski Strap TwinPac

Heli Ski Strap TwinPac
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The Heli Ski Guide Strap is a super easy to use ski strap made of embroidered nylon webbing with Velcro® and a metal D-ring. Twenty inches long, these are designed specifically for use with today's fat backcountry and telemark skis. The Heli Ski Guide Straps have thousands of uses and are super handy to have in your pack, a repair kit, and your vehicle.

Duct tape and zip ties may come in handy, but they can't be used over and over again like straps can. Add some padding and use them as a bomber ski strap to protect your ski bases.

Sold in pairs so you have a spare for a friend (or yourself).

Color and design may vary from sample shown.

Customer Reviews

  • Author: SheilaWeed
    OMG- These are the best, I have been making something similar out of elastic and velcro. The elastic stretches out and gets cuts in it over time. I was about to make more and found these. I bought 8 pairs for myself and a lot of other friends. They fit around my skis and poles. I have shaped skis. We have found similar older style ones that are long enough to go around "Modern" skis and poles. So glad I searched the web and found these.

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