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About Brooks-Range

Brooks-Range is a small company of mountaineers providing a selection of innovative, top-quality equipment for alpinists, backcountry travelers, and professional mountain and ski guides. Our equipment is designed to maximize your enjoyment and safety in the mountains.

To insure the quality of our outdoor gear— purpose-designed and built for backcountry adventure — they are tested by some of the world's top mountaineering and backcountry professionals. These experts form the core of the Brooks-Range Advisory Board (below).

Brooks-Range Mountaineering Equipment is dedicated to bringing you the best quality merchandise and service possible. That's why the majority of our equipment is made here in the USA, and where it isn't, we tell you. If you have any questions regarding any product or service you've received, or are considering purchasing, please contact us. We'd appreciate hearing from you!


About Matt Brooks

Matt BrooksBrooks-Range was founded by Matt Brooks, an avid mountaineer, certified mountain guide, and a member of the American Mountain Guides Association. Matt Brooks did the first ascent of Galactic Hitchhiker, the longest technical rock climb in North America. In November 2010 Matt received the Presidential Gold Award from the AMGA for his contributions to the AMGA and was appointed a member and chair of the Presidents Council of the AMGA.

Besides being a mountaineer, Matt is an aviator too. He holds 68 United States National/International records including Distance without Landing and Trans-Continental Speed records as well as the speed record around the world for C-1 & C-1.d, Group III type aircraft.


Navigating on the Sierra High Route.

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Brooks-Range Bunny


What's with the Bunny?

Matt Brooks acquired the bunny on a climb as a gift from a Russian climber. The bunny presented itself as a conversation piece from the start. The bunny pin a Russian climber was wearing caught Brooks’ attention. He inquired about it and the Russian climber gave it to him. From then on Matt wore the bunny pin on his hat when he was climbing. Brooks also joked that he’d “never wanted to climb anything a bunny couldn’t hop on.” Of course this wasn’t the case as he was climbing very technical, vertical terrain.

After some office chat among the Brooks-Range staffers, they decided to use the bunny icon as a lark. It stuck and became the company symbol that customers and fans became fond of. When Brooks-Range stopped using it people called the office concerned that they were going to get rid of it. This is how the Brooks-Range bunny came to represent the face of Brooks-Range Mountaineering Equipment Co.

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